Wearable Unidirectional Speaker “Parso”

With nothing in your ears, only you can hear
Pull the cable out of your ears

Parso is a refined parametric speaker. Smaller, less power consumption, and made wearable.

A parametric speaker has directional sound, like if you wear the strap like a camera, the sound transmits vertically. So only the user can hear the sound.

Parso Features

・Parso can transmit strong unidirectional sound, all while being small and wearable.

・Stereo sound. The upper surface of the speaker is divided into two sides, and by tilting it in a mountain shape, you can listen to the sound in stereo by lowering the speaker from the neck.

・Mount to a tripod. Comes with a 1/4″ tripod screw thread on the bottom.

・It allows you to perform outdoor activities completely open ear, even while wearing a helmet, like when riding a bike.

World’s First Wearable Parametric Speaker
(Patent Pending)

The design of the ultrasonic speaker was fundamentally reviewed, and the approach from each direction of structure and circuit design was adopted.
Smaller size and power saving have been achieved, and the speaker itself can be miniaturized.
We will release it as the world’s first wearable product for parametric speakers.

Two-stage ultrasonic speaker arrangement

The biggest problem in downsizing the parametric speaker is the number of elements of the ultrasonic speaker is proportional to the volume, so if you want to increase the volume, you need to increase the area of ​​the elements. This problem was solved by arranging the elements with about 1.6 times the efficiency of laying them on one plane by adding the directivity of ultrasonic waves and making it a two-stage structure.

One cihp drive circuit

Using a mixed signal controller with mixed digital and analog, a circuit that modulates the audio signal onto the drive signal of the ultrasonic element has been realized on a one-chip controller.
As a result, it has become possible to significantly reduce the board size. In addition, we are making it possible to respond to changes over time such as ultrasonic elements.

Power saving and high efficiency charging

Parso has succeeded in reducing power consumption by optimizing the signal that drives the ultrasonic element.
It can also be charged using the Type C connector. By supporting Bluetooth Audio, it can be easily worn and used.

What is the directivity of parametric speakers?

Ultrasound generally refers to sound with a frequency higher than human audible. Sound, not limited to ultrasonic waves, has higher directivity as the frequency increases, and conversely diffuses as the frequency decreases. This is why only the bass can be heard well outside the closed live venue.
Parso is a speaker that can emit directional sound waves by adding audible sound to sounds with frequencies above the audible range by modulating the drive signal of the ultrasonic element.


Initially scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021, due to tight supply of semiconductors, etc., it is not possible to manufacture with the original design.
The schedule and the latest status will be announced again in the newsletter.

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