Realize your gadget idea!

We provide consistent support for electronic equipment gadget consultants, design, trial production, and mass production.

Circuit design and board design

We have various achievements from analog signals to video, high-speed signals such as USB, and small communication devices using BLE. We will propose the optimum design for the customer.

Embedded program

Designed to meet the requirements, including the development of firmware that directly links with PCs and clouds from devices using communication such as USB communication, BLE, and LTE, the design specialized for low power consumption, and the code development that does not stop even in the event of a partial failure

Housing design

We propose a housing design that makes the best use of the performance of sensors, etc., making the best use of the knowledge of electronic circuits. We have introduced a powder sintering type 3D printer, and we can quickly provide models at a practical level.

AFUR Co., Ltd.
A design company specializing in hardware

We offer consultation from IoT devices equipped with various sensors, wearable devices, circuit design such as display signals and high-speed signal processing of Type-C standard, board design level to design and manufacture of prototype housing. We can flexibly handle from small lot trial production to mass production. Based on our abundant project experience with domestic and overseas manufacturers, we provide one-stop planning, proposal, development, and evaluation of products and services from the customer’s perspective.

A few things we’re great at

Since we carry out circuit design, board design, and housing design in-house, we can make optimal proposals in line with the customer’s intentions, especially in the prototype stage, taking cost and schedule into consideration. Also, unlike software, hardware development is prone to major schedule changes once there is a rework, but since all designs are made in-house, it is easy to minimize.

Knowledges about PCB and semiconductors

Utilizing the knowledge we have developed within the semiconductor industry, we will carry out optimal development from the semiconductor level. We also work closely with board vendors to design the best boards.

We will also challenge new designs

Designing using new technology at the stage where there is still little information requires a lot of cuts and trials, and it takes time, but we will actively respond including direct on-site negotiations with semiconductor vendors.

One-stop development from board to embedded program

By making the circuit design, board development, and embedded program all in-house, rework during debugging and problem isolation are greatly reduced, and the development period and man-hours are reduced.

Maintainable code development

A programmer who has knowledge of circuits develops embedded firmware that requires more rigor than general programs, but develops it as versatile as possible and minimizes the time for specification changes.


List of development achievements

We have been developing various products such as new developments by major optical equipment manufacturers, venture companies that utilize devices to improve their lives, and measuring devices at universities. Here are some examples by function.


・ 3G communication ・ LTE communication ・ LTE CAT-M communication
・ Lora communication ・ XBee (ZigBee) communication ・ SigFox communication
・ WiFi communication ・ BLE communication ・ GPS communication
・ I2C communication ・ SPI communication ・ RS485 communication
・ USB 2.0 ・ USB 3.0 ・ TypeC communication
・ TypeC PD (Power Delivery)
・ TypeC Alternate (DisplayPort communication mode)
・ HDMI ・ MIPI DSI CSI ・ Display Port
・ I2S communication

Analog Front Ends

・ Blood oxygen concentration SpO2 sensor
・ LED reflection type pulse wave sensor that can be taken normally even in the ankle
・ Telescopic sensor that measures minute capacitance
・ Illuminance sensor with multi-step range switching
・ Precise modulation for ultrasonic speakers

Drive Circuit

・ FAN control
・ Nixie tube control
・ Lithium-based rechargeable battery charge / discharge circuit
・ Capacitive touch sensor
・ Touch panel
・ Touch pad
・ Servomotor
・ Stepping motor


・ Temperature meter ・ Hygrometer ・ Accelerometer
・ Gyro sensor ・ Electronic compass ・ Barometer
・ SpO2 sensor ・ Pulse wave sensor ・ Expansion and contraction sensor
・ Illuminance sensor ・ Color sensor ・ Camera
・ Open / close sensor ・ Laser distance measurement ・ Ultrasonic distance measurement
・ Infrared LED distance measurement